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Artist Selection Album Label
Wreckless Eric Whole Wide World Almost A Jubilee Hux
Ramones Baby I Love You End Of The Century Sire
Mission Of Burma The Set Up On Off On Matador
Sonic Love Affair Something To Believe In 2x7" Dollar
Roxy Saint Firecracker Ripped Collection Kerrang!
Black Cat Music Hearts Of Chrome October November Lookout!
Whirlwind Heat Decal On My Sticker Sympathetic Sounds Of Detroit SFTRI
The Mutants Insect Lounge 7" Shredder
The Ponys Chemical Imbalance Laced With Romance In The Red
Rancid Django Indestructible Hellcat
Feederz Break It All Vandalism... Broken Rekids
The Revillos Secret of the Shadow 7" SFTRI
Brian Ritchie Sun Ra - Man From Outer Space Sonic Temple SST
The Fiends Zombies (Have Feelings Too) Teen Trash Music Maniac
The Dictators I Stand Tall Bloodbrothers Dictators Multi/Media
Ill Gotten Gainz Ill Gotten Gainz The Pet Goat Burnt Ramen
Bush Tetras Cowboys In Africa Boom In The Night Roir
Bang Cloudy Daze Happy 2b Hardcore V2 Moonshine
My Chemical Romance Honey The Mirror Isn't Big Enough For The Two Of Us I Brought You My Bullets... Eyeball
Unsane Hazmat Lambhouse Relapse
Judas Priest Eat Me Alive Metal Works Columbia
NOFX Idiot Son Of An Asshole WWW
The Briefs Kill The Joy Of Killing Lollipop
The Finger Coma For $$$ We Are Fuck You One Little Indian
Exodus Black List Tempo Of The Damned Nuclear Blast
Quiet Riot Bang Your Head: Metal Health Live 7" Pasha
The Wildhearts Eager To Leave 'Er Ripped Collection Kerrang!
Sonic Love Affair St. James Hotel 2x7" Dollar
TVH Tibetan Head Night Raid On Lisbon Street Flapping Jet
The Fall Mountain Energei The Real New Fall LP Action
The Can Father Cannot Yell Monster Movie Spoon
Patti Smith Cartwheels Trampin' Columbia
Joey Ramone Wonderful World Don't Worry About Me Sanctuary
Joey Ramone Don't Worry About Me Don't Worry About Me Sanctuary

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Vital Remains, The Black Dahlia Murder, Cattle Decapitation, Black Goat, Scorched Earth, Population Reduction, Zachary Patton & The Broads, Floating Corpse, Sleaves, Chantigs, Sort-Outs, Machine Head, Arch Enemy, God Forbid, 36 Crazyfists, Hightower, Johnny And The Dudes, Deadly Weapons, Lacoste, Pirx the Pilot, High Speed Scene, Love Songs, Romance, The Matches, Maxeen, Bleed The Dream, Alice Donut, FLESHIES, Fabulous Disaster, Black Cat Music, DJ Glitterboy, Crosstops, Strychnine, Fracas, S.T.F.U., Paxane, Hep-Si, White Trash Assasins, DJ Lebowitz, James Brown, S.M.D., Keep Laughing, Eskapo, Uzi Suicide, Dying In Your Beauty Sleep, Belabor, Doppelganger and New Earth Creeps, Resilience, Ashtray, Black Box, Voetsek, Lights Out, Despite, Case Of Emergency, Hostile Takeover, Monster Squad, La Plebe, Collateral Damage, Midnight Movies, Low Flying Owls, Babyland, Spector Protector, Sixteens, The Weegs, Harold Ray Live In Concert, The Husbands, Smirk, Persephone's Bees, Styx, Peter Frampton, Allegiance, Outbreak, The Distance, Drug Test, Death Disco, Blood Arm and The Kids, Blown To Bits, Myth Of Progress, Hacksaw To The Throat, Bled Through Silence, Divit, Renowned, The Hep, The Catholic Comb, Drink The Bleach, E-Zee Tiger, Willpower, The Hallflowers, Telecommunications, Night Games, The Clash (members of FLESHIES), Cearnora, Shell Shag, Shotwell, Rock Ceremony, Peggy Honeywell, Window Window, Oohhh Ahhh Armistad, Shaking Hands, Lowlights, Sleater-Kinney, Quasi, Brides Of Destruction, Amen, Living Things, Show Me State, Cubby Creatures, Dave Gleason's Wasted Days, Sanford Arms, Fayvor Love, Lenka Dusilova and the Johnny Winter Band